The Ring of Steel Action Theatre and Stunt Troupe is a theatrical combat organization providing classes, training, custom fight choreography, fight direction, weapon rentals, professional stunt consultation and prototyping, and many other services to the public at large.

Established in 1989, Ring of Steel is a year-round professional stage combat, stunt academy, and performance organization dedicated to developing and promoting the art of stunt work and refining the portrayal of staged violence. Like any martial art, we believe that the skills necessary to practice theatrical combat and stunts require the regular practice of basic skills and techniques for safety and effectiveness.

As one of the largest theatrical fencing salles in the nation, The Ring of Steel teaches classes in swordplay and stuntwork along with 15 basic combat skill areas; provides in-house workshops; choreographs for film, stage, and TV; offers summer camps and programs; and maintains an aggressive performance schedule in renaissance festivals, celtic faires, Sci/Fi & Fantasy conventions, haunted houses, film, television, opera, birthdays, weddings, business parties, and any other production or event that is interested in adding action performances to their events.

Ring of Steel has a circus performance subsidiary, Cirque Surya (sir•ka sir•ya) that offers dazzling fire and circus performances to area festivals and events. Check them out!

Nothing less than amazing! They performed at our Blue and Gold Banquet tonight. The children and adults were so engaged with the performers. Ring of Steel went far above my expectations!

Lisa Bennett


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