We’re always open to accepting new members into our organization. While anyone is welcome to attend a class or a workshop, members go above and beyond the classroom to help Ring thrive and create opportunities for the club- and for themselves.

Member benefits include:
  • Lower class fees*
  • Ability to borrow Ring of Steel equipment
  • Performance opportunities
  • Option to instruct at our summer camp programs, a position not available to non-members
  • Reduced fees for workshops and special events
Ring membership is based on a co-operative style model of operation. In exchange for very low class fees, members are expected to volunteer their time behind the scenes as well as during performances. Also, established members are able to borrow Ring of Steel equipment - weapons, sound system, video equipment, even our airbrush makeup unit - in the firm belief that sharing resources helps everyone thrive.

As a way of recognizing our members’ prowess, Ring of Steel offers several different certifications in a variety of different weapons forms.

  • Performer: This certificate acknowledges that the member is able to safely and effectively perform fight choreography for an audience
  • Teacher: Member is able to teach fight choreography on a specific weapon in a safe and effective manner
  • Choreographer: Member is able to create new choreography for a weapon form
As stage combat ultimately exists to entertain, all certifications are earned in the context of being shown to a live, “hostile” audience (an audience of non-members). Our training is like a martial art in nature, deeply ingraining techniques into each student. As such, once a certification is granted, it is held for life.


Ring of Steel has its own internal hierarchy to honor the time given and the skills attained by each member. Ranks are awarded based on attendances at rehearsals and events, certifications earned, and written and practical exams.

  • Journeyman: Attainable only after a minimum of two years in attendance
  • Senior Scholar
  • Scholar
  • Mentor
  • Apprentice
  • Initiate: All new members start off at this rank

Want to join Ring of Steel?

We are always accepting new members of all ages and experience levels. Contact us for more information on joining!