Special Workshop Offer:

Prop Firearm Safety

In light of the recent tragic events surrounding the movie "Rust," we have received multiple requests for workshops concerning prop firearm safety. In recognition that this is a challenging time for films and theatrical productions alike, we are offering this service at a special reduced rate of only $175 (reg. $275) for an hour-long presentation.

The details of how one person was killed and another injured in this production have not yet come to light, but there are many protocols that go into weapons handling to make it safe and effective for storytelling. It is important to note that even though this incident was awful, the vast majority of productions that employ firearms do so without incident or injury. This workshop will go over current best practices used to ensure that firearms can be used safely for stage and screen, including the various types of "prop firearms" and ammunition that can be used, as well as various alternatives.

This workshop is appropriate for actors, directors, stage managers, and anyone who might have involvement with weapon props.

Safety Should Be a Certainty.

Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to tackle your next project with confidence and security.