We offer regular instruction at our home facility in Ann Arbor, MI. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are stage combat only, no sparring. Check our calendar for any changes, updates, or events.

Stage Combat

This ongoing class is divided into two parts: the first hour is dedicated to swordplay footwork and drills, and the second hour is for instruction in a relevant topic, such as additional swordplay, other weapons forms, mini trampoline, high falls, physical effects, etc. When the class includes it, the third hour is for fight practice and show rehearsals.

Anyone is welcome to attend! No stage combat, physical movement, or acting experience is required. Your first class and intro lesson are free. Please send Ring of Steel a message (via email or Facebook) before your first arrival for us to ensure we have an instructor available to work with you.

Jedi Academy

Ring of Steel’s Jedi Academy brings the martial arts of the popular movie to life. Classes are an immersive experience for younglings to learn about the ways of the Jedi Knight. Initiates will enjoy lightsaber training (theatrical combat, not sparring), discuss Jedi philosophy, and train to allow the Force to flow through their bodies as they take their first steps to become Padawan learners. Classes are taught by Ring of Steel staff.

Join a class!

Classes are always welcome to new and returning students. Send us a message for more information!